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February 24, 2013
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Hello, my name is Chris and this is a tale I never told until now and you might never believe me, but I'll tell it anyway. What happened to me only happened a few months ago and yet I know I'll never be the same.

Before I start I should say that I'm a hardcore gamer and I'm a big fan of survival-horror video games. You know like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead ect. but the one series I loved since the start was Dead Space. I've played all the games, watched all the tie-in movies, even had a few of the action figures (so yeah I'm slightly obsessed with the series). So naturally I was excited for Dead Space 3, but I didn't have enough cash so I decided to use my usual scheme, buy some cheap games from a pawn shop and trade them in at like a Gamestop for more money. And since I already traded in Dead Space 1, 2, and Extraction, I decided to buy them again since I kinda want to recap the storyline and for nostalgia's sake.

So I went to my local pawn shop and checked their games for any Dead Space titles. I only found one, Dead Space 2. Sweet! My favorite in the series so far! I took the game to the register and was ready to pay the pawn shop's price, but something was off. The employee at the register gave the game a strange, like it was a ghost. He then looked at me with his eyes wide opened and said that the game was on the house. I was confused. Why would he give me a game for free? Last time I checked this pawn shop in particular was very hard to get a bargain on your end, more or less something for free? So I said is he sure, then he nodded frantically, very adamant of getting rid of the game. I sighed and since I'm a nice person I still gave him money and left with the game. But I got a little nervous my self when I faintly heard the clerk whispering to what he might've said "Don't make her whole..."

Once I got home, I noticed that the game's disc and case looked very clean for a pawn shop game, I mean it almost looked brand new. I just thought it was lady luck giving me scratch free game. At the time I was also glad my family let me have the place to myself while they are vacation, giving me less detractions and more game time. But looking back, I just they stayed home. Anyway I put the game in my Xbox 360, started the game up, and as usual the title screen comes on, but something was different. The Marker from the game is fully rebuilt in the main menu like what happens when you beat the campaign. This shouldn't have happen as I swear I deleted the save files for Dead Space 2 when I traded it in along with the other games. I put the thought aside, maybe I just forgot to delete it and just deleted the first game's save file.

But then I went to start the campaign on the new game plus when I noticed another option, New Game Nicole. I was like "New Game Nicole?! Is that a new DLC?!" I was shocked because I follow Dead Space news on the web and I really got nervous for two reasons: one is that I'm getting into something I shouldn't be in and second it that if this involves the character Nicole, I know this will be some scary stuff. And that will be the biggest understatement of my life.

So I started the Nicole mode, and then the screen began to static like from Slender and on the screen were the symbols that covered the Marker. Then the actual game started and it showed Isaac Clarke in a very strange, almost disturbing armor. It looked like the Advance Suit but the color was a very rusted brown instead of the shiny silver and covered in the symbols that covered the Marker as if it was written in blood, blackish-blood was oozing out the eye slits in his helmet and the lights in the slits themselves were a red color instead of the regular aqua, the RIG on his back was the very bottom low health range, as if he would die in one hit, and worst of all, he was missing pieces of flesh and armor, like Isaac was a walking corpse in that armor. I know Dead Space has gory moments, but I really didn't see this coming nor this will be the last shock.

The environment itself was also unsettling. It looked like the level were you fight final boss Nicole in Isaac's psyche, but there was a blood red color to it instead of the sickly yellow-green color from the main campaign, there was a lot of static with the ever present Marker symbols, and those black tentacles were everywhere.

Then a text box popped up midscreen and said "MAKE ME WHOLE.." and then disappeared. I didn't understand what the hell that meant, but since this involves Nicole so I figured it'll use that quote. I decided to check my inventory and saw that I only have a fully upgraded Plasma Cutter, one clip of ammo, one basic health pack, and one kinesis pack. Looks like this will be a very difficult game mode.

So I started to walk in this new stage, while noticing Isaac's walking animation wasn't the wounded one when he has low health, but he walked like a zombie. And he made a very distinct gurgling noise when he moves. Then I heard a very familiar screech.  

Sure enough it was a charging Stalker Necromorph, only it was shadowy like the shadow Necromorphs in the final boss level. I aimed and fired at it and somehow I easily killed it, since they were very hard to kill normally. I walked towards the Stalker and noticed something rather shocking. It's faced was hat of Niclole's. Nicole's! But they eyes were bright white and she had no lips, showing a skeletal grin. The Nicole/Stalker then dissolved into the shadows before I heard Nicole's voice, though distorted and slightly demonic, said "Are you going to help me?"

That was...freaky for a lack of a better term. But this is Dead Space 2, it's always using psychological horror moments like that. So this should be normal...right? I then progressed through the morbid level and then blobs of shadows, like four of them, rose from the ground. They then morphed into shadow Slasher Necromorphs, only they were the female variants, and all had a mangled Nicole face. I opened fire on the Slashers and since they are the most common Necromorph in the game. I killed three with all the Plasma Cutter's clip, but the last began to stutter in static, like it was glitching. It then became what looked like a hybrid of the Ubermorph and the Hunter from the first Dead Space, but had a slight feminine figure and Nicole's face was more prominent and the eyes were glowing red.

I then reloaded and used kinesis to slow it down and shoot off the limbs. It then fell on the ground and immediately began to stomp it. Oddly enough, I killed it. I thought that these Necromorphs can't be killed, but only avoided. It then dissolved into the shadow, and then Nicole's voice is heard again, saying "I enjoy this, do you?"

The hell is going on?! Is this game screwing with my head!? I mean there had been fake out moments here and there, but nothing likes. But I had an itching feeling to see what's under this veil so I continued on in the stage.

Then out of nowhere the screen froze and static appeared. I that the disc was glitching was about to restart my Xbox when I heard a voice said "You won't make me whole doing that." I froze and looked at the TV screen to see Nicole's face staring at me, but she looked rather different than what she normally looked like in the game. Her eyes were glowing orange, she had a creepy yet flirtatious grin, her eyes, mouth, and nose were bleeding, and she had Marker symbols all over her skin.

Now I was scarred, I was about to go back to resetting when an electric shock hit at my finger. Did my Xbox shock me. Then Nicole's grin widened then she said "Hurts doesn't Chris?"

Did she said my name!? What the fuck is going on?! Fearful for my life, I tried to run out of my room when my bedroom door shuts and locks itself with an invisible force. It tried to unlock it, but then all hell seems to break loose in my room. The door knob shot spikes at my hand, nearly stabbing my hand, then organic tendrils from the wall and door merged with each other and Marker symbols began to cover it, as if it sealed my in this hellhole as I looked at Nicole, who had an almost annoyed look.

"Look, I can't be whole if you run out on me. SO SIT YOUR FUCKING ASS AND FINISH THIS?!" Niclole said with an almost demonic and desperate tone on the last sentence. So with no choice at the current moment, I sat back down and grabbed the controller, hoping Nicole might let me go when I beat this level.

Nicole then notices I was ready to play and disappeared, letting the game play. I continue playing and came across more Nicole/Necromorph hybrids such as Leapers, Pukers, and Dividers. Finally I was in a large opened area that was devoid of even Nicole Necromorphs. Until ground began to shake and a large Necromorph appeared.

It was hideous, it had Nicole's face, but fatter, it's body was swollen and pulsating, like a termite queen, and had two pair of bladed Slasher arms. I new this was a boss and wait for it to see it's weakness, but that didn't happen. Instead the Necromorph smiled at me and pointed at its gut and said "I'm going to do something you might like". I know this has to be bad. The Nicole/Necromorph boss then began to slowly cut down her gut, spilling blood and puss, but the worst didn't end there. Then she opened her wound and then, what I saw was more disgusting then what is normally seen in the normal game, hundreds of the infant Crawler and Lurker Necromorphs fell from he stomach, like she was pregnant with all of them and they all had Nicole's face.

At this point, I wanted to fucking end this game, but I was too scarred of Nicole's wrath to stop. Luckily my gamer skills were honed in here as I noticed the explosive Crawlers were bunched up together and all I needed was one good, well aimed shot. I took it and all the Lurkers and Crawlers exploded in a show of body parts, All there was left was the Nicole/Necromorph boss . So I aimed at the head and, easy enough, decapitated it and it fell down on the ground, dead.

Sure enough, I heard Nicole's voice, this time I know she was taunting me "What? You thought killing the boss will make me whole? Your halfway there cutie." At this point, I was pissed and I screamed "SHUT UP YOU BITCH!" So I threw my controller at the TV screen, hoping the shatter it. Big mistake. The controller then floated in the air and flew into my hands. Then many tentacles latched onto my hand as Nicole reappeared on the TV screen and was visibility angry. She then yelled "YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP JUST NOW?! WELL I GUESS I HAVE THE DO THINGS THE HARD FUCKING WAY!" Then the tentacles on my hands dug into my flesh and connected my fingers into the controller. I screamed in agony as the process continued until my hands literally merged with my controller, leaving only the fingers I used to for gameplay use.

I was horrified to what happened to me and looked at Nicole, who appeared have that look when you did what was necessary. I was truly fearful of her as she spoke "I know it hurts like a bitch, but your not going nowhere until you make me whole. Got it Chris?" I nodded with fear, I was in too much pain to do anymore fighting.

I continued playing, noticing Isaac was walking in a more agonized pace, as if he feels my pain. I killed more Nicole Necromorphs and a few bosses like Brutes and Tripods. I then made it to a maze like area and saw something shocking in terms of enemy types, it was the Wheezers from the first game. I know they are relatively harmless, but the game wouldn't let me continue so I had no choice but to kill it. Then it said "Why?" as it died. I continued through the game, killing more Wheezers as they said more depressing quotes like "I loved you", "How did it come to this", and "My life is misery". I exited the maze and at the period of time, I wanted to give up.

I cried and stopped playing. Nicole notices this and appeared yet again, arms crossed and very irritated. "You giving up on my Chris?" She asked. I stopped sobbing and asked "Why?" She was flabbergasted at first, as if she didn't expect someone to ask her anything. She sighed and said "You want to know why I'm treating you like shit? I'll show you then. Show you why I'm in this god damn hell."

Then the Xbox stuttered a little as a new tendril grew out of it and launched into my forehead as it bore into my skull. I cried in pain as everything went to black, while my head felt like it was being filled with knowledge. The I began to see something that looked like a vision of some kind. It showed a rather pretty girl of my age, the late teens, sitting sadly as she starred at a picture.

I then heard Nicole's voice as she said in an almost sad tone "I use to named Nikki when I was alive, like you I was a gamer like you. I was then able to get an internship at either EA or Visceral Studios, I forgot to be honest, they company that worked on Dead Space if you didn't know before." Then I saw Nicole/Nikki shed a tear and looked a picture of her and...THE CLERK FROM THE PAWN SHOP?! "I then found a boyfriend and as you can tell you've met before. We dated for a few months and I was hoping he would take our relationship further. But then I found out the...PRICK WAS FUCKING CHEATING ON ME!" Nicole/Nikki continued as her rage flared at the last part.

I then saw Nicole/Nikki sighed and pulled a revolver from her pocket. I know this won't end well. She then pointed the gun at the her temple as I heard Nicole/Nikki said "But in the end love and life's a bitch and then you sink." Suddenly Nikki/Nicole pulled the trigger and she went limp and blood and brain matter exploded from the gunshot.

She committed suicide?! That kinda explain a little bit but I asked her why is she in the game. She then answered "Apparently a blue moon appeared or some shit like that and my soul was trapped in a copy of Dead Space 2. Then you can say the program corrupted me. But at that point I wanted to make my ex pay so I hacked their computers, used some programming and had them ship the copy I was stuck in. The douchebag fell for it and played the game, until I had on his ass!" Nicole/Nikki laughed manically. Well that explains why she's in the game and why the pawn star clerk was so afraid of it.

"So why me?" I asked. She sighed and said "It turns out that in order to get out of this game, I needed the "New Game: Nicole" to be beaten, but my ex put the game in the pawn shop's inventory before he did, getting rid of me and having be trapped in that game for years. Do you what it's like to be trapped in a game, having to experience it over and over til you go FUCKING CRAZY! But finally you just happened to pick me up and we are."

Now I realize the truth, Nicole was actually Nikki who became depressed my her boyfriend's betrayal and killed self, unwilling become trapped in Dead Space 2, went crazy, and is now using me to free her I guess. I then went back to the real world and this time I'm determined to end this nightmare for good. So I continued playing and then I saw the Marker from the game.

It was at this time shadow Necromorphs appeared and saw a the Nicole boss from the campaign as she said "Your here, now make me whole!" And as expected it was a recreation of the final boss of Dead Space 2. So I did the strategy of killing the shadow Necromorphs, collecting ammo, shoot at Nicole (who seems to enjoy being shot) and shooting at the pulsating hearts thing when the Marker temporarily shatters. After ten minutes of the boss fight, I finally beaten it and a cut scene appeared.

It showed Isaac's helmet coming off, showing a decomposing face, and then Nikki/Nicole appeared seductively and she caressed Isaac's face and said "I'm now whole." She then, out of fucking nowhere, ripped Isaac's head off and crushes it. The game itself began to glitch as Nikki/Nicole began to liquidfy into blood and began to literal fill the screen. Thats when things went from bad to worst. The TV screen began to crack as blood poured from the leaks, Nicole/Nikki was filling the TV up until it bursts.

Desperate, I ripped my hands from the controller, ignoring the pain as I feel that my very soul was in danger. I had little time to spare, so I noticed my window and made a dash toward it, hopping to crash out and run my ass out. But it was too late, the TV burst with a flood of blood and a shock wave launched me to the flood while being drenched in blood. I looked up and my heart raced with fear as I saw Nikki herself standing above me, whering the outfit Nicole wears in Dead Space and was covered in Marker symbols. Scarred for my life, I backed against the wall and she walked towards me.

She then used an invisible for to levitate me to her face, staring into her orange eyes. She then said "Congratulations. You beat New Game: Nicole. Here's your reward." I closed my eyes, ready to for the end as I...felt something on my lips? I opened my eyes and saw that Nikki was...KISSING ME?! Her eyes were closed as she continued to kiss me rather gently as her hands (that had claws for some reason) caressed my face. I had no choice but to return the kiss (I mean she's a undead/ghost girl so I didn't want to piss her off). This continued for a few more minutes until she stopped. She looked at me with compassionate eyes and whispered "You freed me after years of madness. I had no one to love but my own madness. But you gave me some hope of my freedom." She kissed me again and said "But right now, I need you to be KO for a bit." Before I questioned her, Nikki blinded me in a show of lights and Marker symbols until everything went black.

I then woke up in some kind of mental institution, I was handcuffed one the bed and my hands were bandaged. I then saw my family and a doctor. They told me that my family returned and saw that my room was destroyed and that I was unconscious on the floor. They took me to the hospital and that's when they told me a I screamed like an animal for a whole hour until I went in a slight coma. With no choice, they had me placed in a psyche observation for three days until I wake up again. They wanted to know what happened. I wanted to tell them about Nikki, but I heard her in my head saying "If you tell, things will get worst than it already is. Beside your in the nut house, keep that in mind." She had a point, I don't want to be deemed crazy. So I lied saying a crazy burglar broke in and nearly killed me (it was more believable). They fell for it and the doctor diagnosed my with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and gave me medication and told my family to constantly watch my behavior.

That's when things went slightly down hill. I was forced to be homeschool for my senior year, my friends stopped talking to me, rumors of me going insane spread across the web, and my family become a little more distant. And what was the worst part, I wasn't rid of Nikki. It seemed she fell in love with me for freeing her from the game and has been with me ever since. She mostly visits at night or when no one is home and just cuddles with me. At first I hated her for ruining my life, then pitied her for being a lost soul without nowhere to go, but now, I realize that she never had a love until I came, and despite being crazy and undead, I began to like her company, after all I'm now essential alone. I even think she regrets putting me through this hell.

But still I fear her because she's still instable and has some slight psychopathic. This includes growling, scratching her name on my back, bitting, and always saying I'm her soul mate for life. Then recently we became more...intimate as if her primal instincts kicked in (like I said, she's a supernatural undead ghost girl so I have no choice). But she tries to make it up by using what's left of her hacking powers to give me free games (even Dead Space 3, to which is my favorite in the series) and other gifts as well as just give me company. Though I sometimes wish to be free of Nikki after all these months, I now know that'll never happen. This was confirmed last night when she visited me and embrace me from behind. Immediately I noticed that I felt something bulging on my back. The then grabbed my hand and place it on her stomach and my eyes widened. It felt slightly round and I swear I felt it kicked me. She then kissed my shoulder and whispered in my ear "You made us whole."

The End.
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militarynut2010 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
Pretty good story, quite a few spelling errors I admit but regardless it's pretty good
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Thanks :D
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My god, that was amazing. To say the least, I wouldn't mind her company that much either, as long as she can change the way she looks.
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Well since she's a undead computer ghost she might, but thanks for enjoining this creepypasta :D
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Amazing creepypasta! I got really involved in the story and it had a very unexpected ending. Overall it was fantastic. You should make more of these! :iconnicoleplz:
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Thanks, I was thinking of doine either a prequel to this story or do another gaming related creepypasta. But still thanks for the compliment :D
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No problem! Whatever you do I'm sure that it will be great!
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Thanks :D
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XanaGirl33 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
This is a VERY good Creepypasta. A few missing words and spelling mistakes but it's mostly readable. I'll tell Someordinarygamers and see if they use it in a haunted gaming :)
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