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July 29, 2013
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Chapter Five: The Night Mary Jane…

“Hello Mary Jane…” Spider-Man, Otto Octavius, said to the red headed woman as he rose from the darkness behind her.

Shocked, MJ jumped in surprise before calming down once she saw “Peter” and sighed in relief.

“Oh thank god it’s you tiger…” Mary Jane said as she hugged “Spider-Man, shocking Otto somewhat “…I was so worried for you.”

“I just need to pretend to be Parker long enough to fool her blind. Then when the moments right, I’ll quickly dispose of her and frame that rouge clone.” Otto thought as he was essentially planning the murder of Peter’s greatest love.

“Uh Peter you still with me?” MJ asked in confusing as she let go from the embrace, bringing Otto back to reality.

“Oh um yeah…MJ, I was trying to figure out why this city is after me again.” “Peter” said in a stutter, trying to act as casual as possible to try to fool MJ.

Unfortunately, Mary Jane wasn’t buying it slightly. She can sense Spider-Man is hiding something from her. And seeing how much madness going on after the death of Osborn, she had many burning questions, but one she had to ask.

“Peter, what the hell are you doing out there?!” She demanded suddenly.

“Damn, even she seems to be getting smarter at my charade! Have to divert the subject.” Otto thought to himself. With some quick thinking he simply said “Just the usual stuff MJ…”

“Bull Peter! Hero stuff doesn’t involve what you did with Osborn, having the Avengers after you, even tearing downtown to shreds with Venom earlier today! I don’t know what’s going on you with you, but ever since Doc Ock died you’ve been…” Mary Jane suddenly stopped herself as she remembered what Carlie frantically said to her before she hung up on her:


Mary Jane then froze as she began to put the pieces together: How ruthless Peter was becoming, his sudden workaholic behavior at Horizon Labs, how “Dr. Octopus” was worried for people’s lives in their final battle, even the way Peter talked sounded too arrogant for Peter.

“MJ you still with me?” Otto asked, worried what was going to happen.

“Yes Spider-Man I’m still here…” Mary Jane said distantly as she lowered her head, lettering he red mane cover her eyes “… I just have one last question for you.”

“Anything MJ just ask away.” Spider-Man said, trying to hide the fear of his slowly dying masquerade.

“JUST WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?” Mary Jane demanded in anger and sadness.

Meanwhile a few miles away, Scarlet Spider  frantically web swung his way to Mary Jane’s home, using his genetic memory to lead the way.

“Dammit!” Kaine cursed in his mind “I’ve should’ve known that son of a bitch would go after MJ!”

Scarlet Spider was having a firestorm of emotions as he raced his way through the city. The reason for this was what was his priorities should be: Save Mary Jane, stop Otto and take him to that future Spider-Man so he can somehow resurrect Peter, or simply kill Otto so he couldn’t use Peter’s body for his own gain.

On one hand, his inherited affection for the red head was driving him to her to begin with and to save her. One the other hand, if he gets there much quicker, he can both save MJ and defeat Otto so they can get the plan in motion. And finally, if simply killed Otto, like he did when he was a murderer, he can get avenge Peter on his own terms and simply get out of dodge. But that will only be a very last resort.

“What the hell do I do!?” Scarlet Spider thought to himself “I hate to say it, but I need to think like Peter.”

Back at Mary Jane’s apartment, Otto was nearly horrified that MJ has truly seen his veil of lies.

Desperate he simply asked ‘What do you mean MJ? It’s just me, Peter, the one who save you countless times and has been the hero in your life.”

“Sorry to disappoint, but the real Peter calls me Mary Jane when things get heated, Otto.” Mary Jane growled as she slow grabbed something from her purse.

Angered by the fact Mary Jane found out who he truly is and is now a threat to his plans, Octavius rushed towards her as he yelled “Smarter than the average damsel! I guess I won’t end you nice and…”

Suddenly Mary Jane grabbed a taser gun and shot it at Spider-Man, causing Otto to collapse and yell in pain.

“What did you do to Peter you son of a bitch!” Mary Jane yelled as she pulled the trigger, shocking Spider-Man even more “Tell me before I ack!”

Otto suddenly got up and grabbed Mary Jane by the throat and knocked the tase from her hand.

“I was going to let you die painlessly so you can aid my plans of a superior world with the influence of Parker.” Otto growled.

Mary Jane simply responded by spitting on the exposed part of Spider-Man’s mask and hissed “Go…To…Hell!”

“Sorry my dear, but don’t worry…” Otto sinisterly said as he was going to form a fist “…you can both aid me in framing the Parker clone and can join Peter in the afterlife.”

Not long after Scarlet Spider made it to the apartment building and rushed his way to Mary Jane’s residence as he broke the door down and yelled “MARY JANE!? IT’S ME KAINE! ARE YOU OKAY…” But what he saw next even horrified Kaine himself.

He saw MJ, blood and bruised with a black eye and several cuts all over her body. He was held at the throat by Otto as he broke the window that leads to a several story drop.

“Kaine…” Mary Jane wheezed in pain.

“Kaine?! I wondered why this specific clone was so familiar! You’re the one who killed me as Otto Octavius and now I can enjoy framing you for the death of the wretch even more!” Octavius said in a mad hybrid of anger and delight.

“Octavius…” Scarlet Spider growled as he let his claws slide from his wrists as he was ready to kill the body snatcher “Let her go right now before I f*cking rip your head off!”

Otto simply grinned sinisterly as he calmly said “Very poor choice of words.” And simply let go of a now unconscious Mary Jane.

“Noooooo!” Kaine yelled in fear as he rushed to save Mary Jane before he was pinned against the wall by Otto.

“It’s too late now! Soon in a few moments she’ll die of the fall and I will be closer of achieving a Peter-less world! A SUPERIOR WORLD!” Octavius said in triumph as Kaine was helpless as he saw Mary Jane plummet closer to the pavement below.

To be continued.
Spider-Man and all related characters©Marvel Comics

Images © Their respective owners

Mary Jane finally realized Spider-Man is Otto Octavius and even tried to take action. But this could lead the disaster as she fell into Otto's plan as Octavius viscously attacked her and just when Scarlet Spider came to her aid, Otto let her drop to her doom. Can Kaine save Mary Jane before one of Peter's greatest aspects die, or will she die along with her love, and where are the other Spiders? Stay tune for more as MJ's fate will be revealed and comment below on how this chapter is.
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EMH Spider-Man: - Clenching his fists in anger while containing the darkness in him. - Oooh, just wait till I... I...!!! - Tries to calm down. - Sorry about that... there's this "side" of me I can't seem to control at all.
blacksuitchris Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Let me guess, symbiote?
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EMH Spider-Man: Close... Ever heard of Man-Spider...?
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EMH Spider-Man: I know... and it's inside me. Somehow...
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If only the Anti-Venom symbiote wasn't destroyed...
EarthCenturion Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013
EMH Spider-Man: Anti-Venom, huh? Could've been a lot useful.
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