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June 30, 2013
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Chapter One: Black Horizon.

Avengers Tower, if one word can describe the tone of this building’s occupants, mercy isn’t one of them. In the briefing room, the main members of the Avengers that include Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, Black Widow, and Spider Woman look at a hologram replaying “Spider-Man’s” brutal murder of Norman Osborn.

“I don’t know what’s crazier; the fact that Spider-Man just killed Osborn in a heartbeat or that bastard Jameson is defending him?!” Wolverine growled angrily as he tried hard not to slice the holographic projector.

“At ease Logan…” Captain America said calmly “…we’re all shocked at these turns of events. It seems the Spider-Man we’ve seen recently seems to be very “different” for a lack of better words. As of right now, Spider-Man is now a rejected member of the Avengers”

“So Spider-Man has betrayed us? Thou shall not escape lightly.” Thor said with anger.

Captain America then turned to Iron Man, who was looking at a projection show different scales and charts and asked “Tony, you seem unfocused?”

Stark looked up and said “Sorry, been seeing some energy fluctuations recently. Anyway I would say we should apprehend Spider-Man, but it seems he’s much more prepared with every situation and as you told me Steve that you and the team seemed to have faced Spider-Man and he managed to hold his own. So we need a ‘Plan B’.”

Black Widow then stepped in and said “Me and Cap already have that covered. We’ve sent a messenger to talk to our “Plan B”.”

Rogers then turned off the hologram and ordered “And until then: Stark, Logan, and I will go to the mayor’s to convince Jameson to allow the police to help our investigation. We even have officer Carlie Cooper to help us as well.”

“Good luck.” Logan said under his breath as the Avengers left the briefing room.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it seems Octavius’s actions have affected other heroes than those in New York. In his apartment, Eugene “Flash” Thompson, also known as the symbiotic vigilante Agent Venom,  look at his laptop, scrolling through the internet on news of his hero Spider-Man’s actions as it seemed everyone has been shocked.

“This has to be an imposter. I mean it could be Chameleon or Mysterio, right?” Flash thought to himself as he and even the symbiote, though in a slight catatonic state, were dumbstruck of the news and in slight denial.

It was then he received a random email that interrupted his train of thought. Instinctively, he checked it and was from an email address named “Big Red”, though as government agent, he was used to it. Flash then read the actual message that read:

“Put the suit on and meet me on the rooftop now.”

Knowing it was urgent; Flash commanded the symbiote the shape shift into his Venom uniform, and sneaked his way up onto the rooftop. Once there he say an older man with a military uniform with a distinctive mustache.

“Ross.” Agent Venom acknowledged with respect.

“Thompson.” General “Thunderbolt” Ross aka Red Hulk replied as he gave Agent Venom a handshake.

“So why are you here Ross, and how the hell did you get up here?” Venom asked.

“I jumped…” Ross replied with a smirk as he gave Thompson a pamphlet “…and I here to give you a message from Cap.”
“And that would be?” Venom asked as he read the pamphlet and was then his eyes widened.

“Cap told me this, go to Manhattan and have a “chat” Spider-Man. You have a plane waiting for already.” Ross coolly said to a shocked Flash.  

“But sir, why me?” Flash asked as if it was a joke.

“Spider-Man seems much more dangerous than usual as you seen on the news. He’s also a more tenacious bastard and seems to be prepared with very situation, all except you as Spider-Man won’t expect you breathing down his neck. Are we clear Agent Venom?” Thunderbolt Ross asked.

“Yes…sir.” Venom said, still trying to comprehend the idea of facing his idol.

“Also one more thing…” Ross said as he morphed into the Red Hulk “…keep that alien in check.” It was then he leaped off the rooftops at supersonic speeds.

Once alone, Flash sighed deeply and said “He’s gone Brock, I know your there.”

In that instant, red mass “materialized” in thin air until it revealed Eddie Brock, aka Toxin.

“It seems you’re getting better at using the symbiote’s senses than we last met, its bond seems to be stronger.” Brock hissed.

“What do you want Brock?” Venom asked with a strong hint of suspicion.

Toxin was unfazed by Flash’s aggression and said “Was seeing you have that cancer in check as I don’t want any innocence people hurt if you attacked Hulk, but seems you are quite “friendly” with the good general.”

“Yeah well I got a mission to go so if you’re done being an ass with me, I would appreciate you keeping this city safe while I’m gone while I come up an excuse for the school while I’m gone. Also since you like to bite the heads off of thugs keep you appetites in check Brock and don’t go overboard.” Venom threatened his “grandson”.  

“Whatever you say granddad, I was going to make sure the streets are safe from scum anyway, but I have a warning that involves you’re appetites. Your monster will immediately try to kill Spider-Man if it has the chance, and though he’s now the monster he truly is, keep that thing in control or it’ll be the death of you.” Brock warned as he webbed swung off the roof while Flash went back to his apartment to prepare for his mission.

Back at New York, specifically town hall, it seems as if a civil war between politics and heroes as Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man and Carlie Cooper tried to convince Mayor Jameson to set out a warrant for the arrest of Spider-Man.

“HOGWASH! WHY SHOULD I GIVE A WARRANT FOR THAT HERO’S ACTIONS AGAINST OSBORN!” Jameson yelled, outraged for Captain America’s request.

Wolverine, annoyed but Jameson’s reaction, said “Look Jameson, you realize you’re hiding a goddamn murderer!”

“Logan, stand down!” Captain America ordered as Wolverine reluctantly did. Rogers then turned to Jameson and said “Mayor, in this country, murder is a crime, and right now you’re defending a murderous criminal.”

“And you think you costumed freaks are in the right!? All you do is sent scum into the slammer and they always seem to come back to do more damage! Spider-Man is giving my fine city a permanent solution your problems!” Jameson yelled at Rogers before turning his attentions at Carlie “And you of all people should agree with me officer Copper!”

An annoyed Carlie pushed her glasses up and said “I have a duty to protect people from criminals. I know Spider-Man and I have been collecting evidence showing we might have an impostor on our hands.”

Tony Stark was about to say his side until the computer in his armor says “UNKNOWN ENERGY SIGNATURE HAS BEEN DETECTED.” To which Iron Man tells the computer “Tell me later, I have bigger issues going on.”

“Actual those readings are part of the problem.” A mysterious voice was heard from behind.

Everyone turns around to see a somewhat obscured figure dressed in a strange red and blue costume with a red spider/skull emblem and Jameson yells “WHO THE HELL IS THIS JOKER!”

“Easy…” the mystery man said as he walked out of the shadows “…I’m Spider-Man of the year 2099, and I’m here to fix time itself.”

Unknown to them, a simple thug had just recently robbed a gas station and is now running for his life. To the average person he should be running as he’s a criminal, but what’s chasing him is much more devious.

“Dammit…Dammit!” He muttered “I tried to go big while I was with Owl, then joined Goblin’s army, but once I went solo, I tried to get a…”

He was then grabbed at the throat by Spider-Man (Otto Ocatius) and feel his life now draining him.

“Tried to escape me you filthy degenerate!?” Otto demanded as be punched the thug so hard that he knocked a good portion of his teeth out.

“I killed Osborn of all people, soon I rid this city all of its black stains!” Octavius proclaimed as he was about to finish his work before suddenly…

“Drop the man and put your hands in the air Spider-Man!” A voice above them threatened.

Otto turned quickly and saw Agent Venom right behind him, pointing a pistol pint blank range at his skull.

To be continued.
Spider-Man and all related characters©Marvel Comics

Images © Their respective owners

I would've got this done A LOT sooner but I recently moved and didn't have enough time to get this done as planned. But with that said, this new chapter brings in Agent Venom and the Avengers have a new ally to stop Otto. And when planning this series, I looked into other Spidey stories like Spider-Island were it affected many books and characters of those books get more focus, so here this is like if the next part of the story was in a Venom issue and as such Venom has more focus here and why Toxin has a cameo as well. Please comment below on your thoughts on this chapter and stay tune as Kaine will enter the game next chapter.
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AzabacheSilver Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You do better dialogue of the Avengers than the current writer of the comic XD
blacksuitchris Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Well I haven't read any Avengers book as I focus reading Spider-Man related books and Deadpool but I am glad you like how I wrote them in this chapter :D
Super-Metal-Sonic Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
looks nice so far. I quite like the cliffhanger at the end there. I certainly look forward to seeing how this story turns out
blacksuitchris Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks and stay tuned for the next chapter as the Scarlet Spider will appear ;)
Super-Metal-Sonic Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
I was wondering if he was going to be showing as well
blacksuitchris Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Yep, it's essential Spider-Ock vs. Spider-Man 2099, Agent Venom, and Scarlet Spider in this fanfic :D
Super-Metal-Sonic Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
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Seems good so far :)
blacksuitchris Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks! What do you like about this chapter?
ArcanePhotographer Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
I really like the premiss & I like how people react to Oct's actions.
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