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Chapter Thirteen: Amazing vs. Superior Part 2.

“Come on Octavius! I thought you had more fight in you?!” The newly symbiotic enhanced Peter Parker demanded as held Otto Octavius, now in his first “Superior” costume, by the throat. It seemed so quick once the symbiote rejoined with Peter as he not only freed himself of Otto’s trap, but attacked him so viscously that his costume “shattered” like glass.

“What the hell was that costume glass thing anyway?” Flash asked as the attack also freed them of the mechanical tentacles trapping them.

“That was Octavius’s very soul being attacked.” Julia Carpenter’s voiced explained “Memories and experiences are built in layers within one’s mind and soul. When the symbiote severed Otto’s connection to Peter’s brain, the damage destroyed a chunk of his consciousness. The change in Octavius’s appearance is a manifestation of the damage.”

“In other words, Peter isn’t beating the shock out of Otto. He’s beating Otto entire existence out of him?” Miguel tried to confirm.

“Yes Miguel. Peter and the alien are doing a crude version of the mind purge used on him when Peter failed to reclaim his body at first.” Madame Web answered.

“Well this is what that bastard gets. And by the looks of it, sure looks painful for Otto.” Kaine growled as he observed the fight.

Back with the two Spider-Men, Otto tried in vain to fight back, but the powers the symbiote was giving Peter was too much for the mad doctor to take. Desperately, Otto tried to come up with an escape plan to avoid Peter’s wrath.

“Have to hide, try to outsmart this…this monster!” Otto thought frantically as he shot a line of webbing at a nearby rooftop and swung in its direction.

“Not this time Octavius! No more cowardly moves!” Peter hissed as he shot out a symbiote tendril and grabbed Otto’s leg. He then slammed Octavius to the ground with enough impact that Otto’s suit shattered again, this time in Peter’s classic red and blue suit.

“What’s happeninging to me?! Why do my memories seem to be going away?! I’m just begging to realize Peter Parker is Spider-Man?!” Otto whispered to himself as the memory removal was catching up to him with a vengeance.

“How does it feel to have your memories starting to slowly rot away Otto?! Like what you did to me!” Peter growled as grabbed Octavius by his ankle and tossed him across the mental city effortlessly. Otto eventually landed on the rooftop of a symbiote covered Daily Bugle.

In the real world, the viewers of the attack simply looked in silence as they never saw just how viscous the Spider-Man they know could be.

“Are you sure the symbiote isn’t influencing this fight Web?” Carlie questioned as she was actually scarred on how brutal Peter was dealing with Octavius.

“No, Peter is actually the dominant one in this fight. Octavius was a fool to show what he has done as Spider-Man, but taking pride in his quest to kill his love ones was the last straw. Essential the symbiote is just giving him to power to defeat Octavius as all this fury is all of Peter’s” Carpenter explained as she observed the fight.

Back in Peter’s mental world, Otto was now fighting just to stay alive as Peter continued his onslaught on him. Now limited on his knowledge of Peter’s powers, Octavius was at a major disadvantage as not only he was nowhere near as strong as Peter, but his rotting memories were still haunting him.

“Parker, please stop! I don’t want to die!” Otto begged for forgiveness.

“Neither did me! But did that stop you from taking my life away from me!?” Peter yelled as Otto’s begging was fueling his anger as his hands morphed into claw and slashed at Octavius, causing his costume to shatter again, this time in Peter’s civilian attire.

“No stop please! I don’t want to back to my previous life!” Otto backed from Peter, absolutely terrified of his opponent.

“No, stop talking Otto, not in that face...” Peter hissed as he gripped Otto’s face so hard that his claws drew blood. “LET ME SEE YOUR REAL FACE!”

In that instant Peter ripped his doppelganger’s skin off, leaving Octavius in his appearance as Doctor Octopus before his sickness. Writhed in pain, Octavius tried to cope with the fact that any part of him that was Spider-Man was gone.

“Now I can see to real you Octavius.” Peter said coldly as Otto got back on his feet.

“I may not know who you are anymore, nor do I know how to fight like you. But I still have my superior intellect as I can defeat you as DOCTOR OCTOPUS!” Otto Octavius, now Doctor Octopus proclaimed.”

“Arrogant to the very end…” Peter thought as he and Doctor Octopus lunged at each other.

“Can you survive my tentacles Spider-Man?! I feel as though I have new confidence in them!” Octopus mocked as he tried to attack Peter, but due to the symbiote Peter effortlessly dodge them.

“I don’t know, can you survive this?!” Peter mocked back with a growl as he formed a spiked tendril as slammed against Otto’s face. The impact knocked him off the mental realm Daily Bugle’s roof and unto the ground below. This again damaged his consciousness’s as his skin shattered like glass, now in his first armor suit he wore when he was diagnosed with his illness.

“No…I will not be in this dying form.” Ottos wheezed as he used his mechanical arms to lift his weaken body off the ground.

“How do you think I feel Ock?” Peter said calmly as he stood above Octavius. Otto tried to fight back, but in a quick motion Peter shot multiple web shots at him, pinning him against the ground. Peter chuckled dryly as he said “Trapped like a fly in a spider’s web.”

“Please don’t kill me…” Octavius pleaded as he knew what Peter was planning.

“I won’t promise to let you live, but I will make this a living hell for you Octavius!” Peter growled as he began to attack Otto in a viscous onslaught of slashes with his symbiote claws.

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!” Peter roared as he continued his attack on Otto, ripping skin off.
















The attack ended, leaving Otto in what he looked like when Peter was trapped in his body. It was his dying, almost rotting appearance in a white coat and a bloody face and even a mechanical eye dangling from his skull.

“That was the face I wore when I died staring at my own body.” Peter huffed, obviously tired from his viscous attack on his opponent.

“Please…kill me…” Otto begged in a dying whispered.

“I should kill you. I should have you feel the pain I felt, the pain of death. I know it’s what you truly deserve…” Peter said, showing conflict as his hand made a hard fist as tendrils began to surround his arm. At this point there was an eerie silence as all the Spiders and those in the real world watched in silence, and even fear as they were about to watch Peter claim his prey. But in the bunker that had Peter’s allies, the unconscious MJ wheezed again saying simply “Peter…”

As if he heard her, Peter simply punched the ground next to Otto’s head, making a small crater as he continued saying “…but Uncle Ben wouldn’t approve of this. Because even though my powers are great, so is my responsibility. I won’t kill you Otto, but I will make you pay. I will leave you in that Octobot you used against me, a permanent prison were you will never die, just what you wanted.”

To prove his point, Peter let the symbiote flow off his face, showing a tired yet determined expression as he got up and walked away from the defeated presence of Otto Octavius. And just when he was about to rejoin the other Spiders, Peter heard one of the most insulting things the doctor ever told him.

“Your uncle must have been a drooling idiot…” Octavius hissed. Peter then stopped in his tracks as his eyes widened.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Venom sighed as he knew what was to come.

“You sealed your fate.” Julia commented.

“You dumbass…”  Kaine cursed.

“Son of a glitch Otto.” Miguel thought in some slight fear.

There was silence at first, but Peter turned around to face Octavius and charged at Octavius.

“OCTAVIUS!” Peter screamed as his first formed spikes and claws on it and before Otto could react…


Peter plunged his fist through Otto’s chest as pieces of the symbiote began crawl their way into Otto’s body. Peter then ripped his blood covered hand from the hole within Octavius’s chest. Peter was panting in exhaustion as the Spiders came to see if Peter was okay. Peter was so stunned on what had happen, he didn’t notice the symbiote leaving his body and rejoining Flash with the surroundings changing to a white void.

Otto, however, was in total fear as he starred down the whole in his chest as he wheezed “You…you destroyed the integrity of my mind…” Before he can continue his rant, black slime began to ooze from the hole…as a flaming pentagram appeared as well. “What…wat did you do to me!?”

Peter himself was shocked as looked at Venom, finding out he was his friend Flash Thompson as he questioned “What did the alien do?”

Flash sighed as he knew what was happening “Octavius has been marked?”

“Marked?” Peter said in confusion.

“Flash originally had a demon within him and the symbiote’s being. But it influenced the symbiote and Flash to join you temporarily in order to find a better soul to bond to, that soul woulds be Otto Octavius.” A female voice said as Julia Carpenter appeared with the heroes.

Octavius gasped in fear as he began to realize he was done for ‘How could…this happen?!” Suddenly a pool of black tar formed around Octavius as he quickly began to sink in it while his body was falling apart like glass. “What?! No I can’t suffer the same fate as my body?! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?! I CAN’T REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE?! WHERE AM I?! WHAT IS MY NAME?! WHAT IS MY NAME!?” Octavius pleaded to the heroes as only his head remained before in sank in the tar as it evaporated into smoke, with Otto Octavius nowhere in sight.

After the ordeal, Peter then feels on his knees while Julia came to comfort him in her own way. She knew how Peter felt about murder and his morals, but she also knew that he was still human and has his limits.

“Peter…” Julia said to a distress Peter.

“Is he gone?” Peter asked.

“Yes Peter, you won. It’s over now; you have your life back.” Madame Web answered.

Peter then smiled softly with tears as though he grieved for taking his first life out of vengeance; he also has his life back, and knows there are others who still have his back.

“I’m free…” Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man, whispered to himself.

To be continued.
Spider-Man and all related characters©Marvel Comics

Images © Their respective owners's here. The conclusion of the final fight between Peter Parker and Otto Octavius has concluded in this mammoth chapter in the Inferior Spider-Man fanfiction series. After tearing apart Otto's very soul with the aid of the Venom symbiote, Peter has proven he is a true Spider-Man as he wasn't going to be like Otto and outright murder him like Octavius did to Peter. But due to his arrogant ways, Otto insulted Peter's Uncle Ben and in that moment, Peter snapped and has destroyed Otto's consciousness while they symbiote implanted the demon within it into Otto, giving him the mark and dragged to an unknown place. Though Peter has regain his body, this fanfic isn't over just yet as the fate Otto Octavius and others will be revealed in the next chapter of the Inferior Spider-Man! Comment below on how this chapter was and stay tune for more!
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I quite liked the whole thing with as the more Ock was beaten up he kept changing first to the first costume then to peter and then back to his real identity
blacksuitchris Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
It was essentially a reversal of what happened in issue 9 of Superior were Peter Parker and Doc Ock ripped their skins off and are in their Spidey suits, only the reversal happened to Otto in this fic.
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The more I read scarlet spider the more I think Kaine is going to end up being spider man
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