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Chapter Fourteen: Welcome to War.

In the wreckage of the Maple Inn, Agent Venom and a empowered Lucy starred down the SAT taskforce and the Mariko clones.

"You take on the soldiers, I'll take on the clones" Flash whispered to Lucy.

"Like hell! I lost to the Diclonius they were cloned from and now that Kakuzawa turned them into these things. You are hilariously out matched." Lucy growled.

"So what? You take half and I take half?" Venom questioned as he noticed the soldiers getting ready to attack.

"Yes!" Lucy yelled as she burst into a flash of red, her increased vector strength launched her like a missile and immediately took on Diana and Barbara.

"Guess I got the left overs." Venom groaned as he reloaded his his shotgun.

"Damn they have the drop on us!" Agent cursed.

"Relax we can deal with them. Alicia and Cynthia..." Nousou said as the two remaining Diclonius turned to face him "...Rip the symbiote off of Venom."

"MYU." The clones said in union as thrusters opened from their backs as the flew towards Venom.

"Ah crap!" Venom growled as he tried to shoot the Diclonius clones down, only to have them knock him against the charred wood of the Inn.

"Damn their strong!" Venom commented on the clones strength despite their size and age.

Back with Lucy, see starred down as Diana and Barbara looked at her with focus.

"I know those bastards gave you two a lobotomy but if Mariko is somewhere in there, I would like to say this is payback." Lucy said coldly.

"MYU?" The two questioned innocently.

"Of course." Lucy said in annoyance of the fact the Mariko clones are acting like her Nyu state. She then positioned her vectors in an attack stance as the clones followed suit.

Barbara was the first to launch her electric vectors, but Lucy dodged them easily and noticed that the clone has far lest vectors compared to the Diclonius they were cloned from.

Meanwhile with Venom, Flash got up and was very aggravated. But this worries him, due to the fact that despite giving himself a recent injection, his symbiote is ready for blood due to the clones cybernetics containing Symbiotes.

"Damn, their tech is pissing off the suit. I need to end this quick before I berserk again." Flash thought to himself.

Deciding to change tactics, Flash grabbed his SMGs and opened fire onto the clones. Alicia used her thrusters to dodge the hail of bullets while Cynthia created a symbiote tendril out from her palm to attach itself onto a tree branch to launch herself in the hair. Cynthia arms then morphed into large plasma cannons and aimed them at Venom.

"Oh fuck me..." Venom groaned as the clone fired her plasma cannons at him, which flew him back onto the inn's wreckage again. Alicia then fired her vectors on the inn's roof and with one good push,, she made the half of the inn collapse onto Venom.

"Venom!" Lucy yelled as she turned her attention onto the clones in front of her and said "Time to die!"

Lucy the used her enhanced vectors to launch them towards the clones. Barbara dodge them, but Diana wasn't so lucky. Due to not have her guard up, the unfortunate clone was instantly sliced into pieces in a fountain of blood, metal, and symbiote.

"One down, four to go." Lucy said as she chased down Barbara.

"Damn, Diana is down!" Agent yelled as she then turned to the remaining SAT units and yelled "All of you. Shoot her ass!"

"Wait Kakuzawa specifically said we need her alive!" Nousou reminded.

"I'm in charge of this mission, and you can clone her for all we care!" Agent yelled as the last SAT soldiers mobilize to Lucy's locations.

Lucy raised her vectors to strike again, but she heard the ruble behind stirring. Suddenly Venom burst into the air in his feral form and landed next to Lucy.

Though at first Lucy was fearful, but she noticed Venom was rather focused on the clones and hissed "We'll kill the clones! Take out the soldiers..." before mad dashing towards the clones.

"Well I guess I got the easy pickings." Lucy thought to herself and she raised her vectors and began lifting shards of wood, glass, and other pieces of debris of the Maple Inn.

"The hell is she doing?" A SAT soldier asked as they looked in a somewhat wonder, as if Lucy was putting a show for them.

Then in the blink of an eye, Lucy fired all the debris at the soldiers as the were impaled in a shower of wood and glass.

"Take cover!" Agent yelled as she and Nousou took cover of their Humvee.

Venom starred down the three remaining Mariko clones. His Symbiote instincts were on overdrive as he sensed the symbiotes with the clones armor.

"Kakuzawa has put us into your armor. WE WILL DESTROY YOU!" Venom roared as the clones prepared for combat, though more fearful compared to facing Lucy.

Venom then lunged at Alicia first, though she dodged his attack using the thrusters. Cynthia then formed a vacuum like device from her arm and fired a web-like spray onto Flash, immobilizing him. And to finish their pack attack, Barbara used her electric vectors to send a stream of electricity into Venom's body, shocking him as he screamed in agony.

"MYU?" The clones said in a union of confusion as Venom, though weakened, appears to be standing.

"That Hall tech may be strong, but it fails compare to the us!" Venom growled as he ripped his way through his trap.

The clones, frightened, tried to run from Venoms rage, but Alicia wasn't so lucky like Diana. Venom punched directly into her back and fist exited her chest, killing her instantly.

Thompson could feel the squirming symbiote in Alicia's corpse as he remembered how fellow Symbiote Carnage was able to control the symbiote within the Hall Tech soldiers a few months prior.

"If he could do it, then we could..." Venom said to himself as the symbiote integrated itself into Alicia's armor and gaining control of her nervous system.

"Now we're in control!" Venom yelled as he activated Alicia's vectors and aimed them at Barbara. She then launched her own vectors to block the strike. At first it worked, but one vector manage to get through Barbara's defense and landed onto her helmet.

"Die." Venom hissed as he commanded Alicia's corpse to send a jolt of electricity into Barbara's skull.

Barbara screamed in pain until the her helmet exploded, revealing her face, as she flew backwards and hits a tree with her mind control device cracked.

"Last one." Venom said as he removed his hand from Alicia's body while killing her symbiote and starred Cynthia down.

"M-myuuuuu!" Cynthia cried as she ran away from Venom as he chased her.

Venom then stopped to see an armored Humvee speeding towards him.

"Good backup is here. Nousou command Cynthia to retreat." Agent ordered as Nousou called for Cynthia. The last clone heard and ran towards Nousou and hugged him.

"Okay Cynthia. It's not over just yet." Nousou whispered.

"It is for you." Lucy said as she stood next to him and Cynthia as her vectors were is striking pose. Suddenly Lucy's left horn was broken off as she instantly grabbed the now bleeding stump.

Confused at first, Nousou notices that it was Diana, despite being sliced to ribbons, fired a single vector at Lucy before dying completely.

"No! Not again! Must stay awake! I need to stay awake!" Lucy frantically said to herself, trying to fight the effects of losing a horning and becoming comatose temporarily.

"Lucy!" Venom yelled as the armored Humvee stopped in front of him with a SAT soldier with a mounted railgun aimed at him.

"Eat it freak!" The soldier yelled as her unleashed a wave of bullets.

Venom dodged them and hid behind a tree as he could feel himself gaining some control.

"Symbiote must be getting tired, same as me. Damn need to get pass that gunner!" Venom cursed in his head.

Lucy notices that Flash needs help and sees a single grenade next to her.

"Must stay strong! I need to be strong!" Lucy said as she used her weakening vectors to pull the pin off the grenade and through it under the Humvee. Within seconds it exploded and killed all the SAT troops in it, including the gunner.

"Heh heh I did it! I did aaaghh!" Lucy screamed in agony before going limp as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Venom was shocked to see what happened to his comrade only to find that Agent fired her pistol at the now comatose Diclonius.

"You son of a bitch!" Venom roared as he ran towards Agent in blind rage. But out of nowhere, a stealth helicopter with SAT written on the side came from above the trees and hovered above the battlefield.

"Sir I need orders on what to do?" The helicopter pilot asked via radio.

"We got Lucy! Take out Venom, he's too dangerous for capture!" Agent ordered.

"Roger! Opening fie on target now!" The pilot said as the helicopter unleashed its gattling gun.

Venom tried to dodge the helicopter's gun, but the only safe place is what's left of the Maple Inn. As such Flash ran toward the Inn and took cover.

"Target taking cover, switching to rockets." The pilot said.

The helicopter then fired two missiles at the inn, causing an explosion that left the once peaceful home of Lucy's makeshift family into a burning wreckage.

"I see no movement, Agent Venom is down. Preparing to land for extraction of target Lucy now." The pilot said as he lowered the helicopter.

Once it landed, a team of Facility scientist in protective gear surround Lucy's comatose body and place on a stretcher as well as place a collar around her neck designed to nullify her vectors.

"Lucy is secured! Everyone get to the copter before authorities arrive!", Agent ordered as she, Nousou, Cynthia, and the rest took Lucy onto the helicopter.

Just as it taking flight, Venom, now in his calm stated, leaped from the fiery remains of the inn as he tried to chase the helicopter.

"No! Get back here you bastards!" Venom yelled as he swung his way to the SAT helicopter. But it was too late, the helicopter was too far, they have Lucy again.

"Dammit! Dammit! You mother fucking bastards!" Venom yelled as he fell on his knees in defeat.

He stayed there for minutes until he got up to see the damage. It was a massacre. Bodies all over the place, blood drowned the grass, and the once beautiful inn now remains a fiery inferno.

"Their home...gone. Kakuzaw...when I find you...I will show you hell!" Venom growled. He then turned around and notices Barbara's body is now gone with no trail is site.

"Thompson what happened!" General Hodge asked in confusion.

"Sir they took Lucy! Repeat Lucy's been captured!" Venom answered frantically.

"They what?! How Thompson!" General Hodge said with some anger.

"Kakuzawa sent his Hall-Tech Symbiote Diclonius on us! We killed most of them, but one incapacitated Lucy and they now have her!" Venom answered.

"Where's her family?" Hodge then asks.

"We helped them escape, the facility probably didn't see them as a target." Venom answered as he still worries about the residents of the Maple Inn.

"Okay the polictians are about to make a decision soon. Until then, I want you to find and safeguard Lucy's family. I'm sending reinforcements now." Hodge ordered.

"Yes sir." Agent Venom said quietly. He then grabbed a pistol and reloaded it as he said "I'm going to get you back Lucy, I promise you I will stop this!"

To be continued.
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I know it's been a looooooong time since I touched this fanfic but this I was inspired after getting several new Venom books and now I will continue this fanfic again. Please leave a comment on whether or not this fanfic is strong still.
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